Wake Up Call: an Identity Crisis

10:30 am this morning:

Ring, Ring! (That's suppose to be my cell phone. It doesn't actually "ring", it has a ringtone...but I don't really know how to demonstrate that in text form. So yeah, my phone will ring in this case.) Ring, Ring!

Me: "Hello?"  
Caller: "Hey." 
Me: "Hey...what's up?" 
Caller: "Did I wake you up? You sound, like...groggy or somethin'." 
Me: "Oh, yeah. I'm still on New Zealand time. But it's fine, seriously." 
Caller: *silence* "Ah, right. Well, my mom kicked me out." 
Me: "What? Are you serious?" 
Caller: "Yeah." 
Me: "I thought you lived with your dad..." 
Caller: "Yeah, but he kicked me out before this." 
Me: "But you're still living up here?" 
Caller: "Yeah..." 
Me: "I thought your mom lived down in San Diego!" 
Caller: "What?" 
Me: "Your mom...I thought she lived in San Diego. Remember when I picked you up there?" 
Caller: *silence* "Um...who is this?" 
Me: "Who is this..." 
Caller: "Shawn. Is this Valerie?" 
Me: "No..." 
Caller: "Oh. Bye." 

I guess carrying a two-minute long conversation with a complete stranger under false pretenses wouldn't exactly be a regular occurrence, but when that stranger has the exact same voice as an old friend you talked to the day before (for the first time in almost a year), it can definitely happen.

But I feel kind of rejected, to be honest, being hung up on like that after he just shared something so personal with me. Do you think I became attached too quickly?

What throws me off is that the "New Zealand time" comment didn't give him any earlier clues...


Becky said...

I suspect that this Valerie regularly throws out random comments like "being on New Zealand time" because Shawn calls her at all hours and dumps his problems on her. It's her way of getting heard, lol.

PaisleyJade said...

That is just plain weird. Funny guy!

Rachel Kate said...

man you have a hilarious life :) i love your blog btw, just discovered it today

Symon Burton said...

Absolute crack up! Reminds me of the time a guy rang my mobile and asked if he was speaking to Simon, and I said yeah, and he started talking about some random situation, and I ended up being the wrong Simon. Heh.

Neen said...

I hope Valerie gave that guy the 'what for'!!

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